Wellbeing insights tool to boost productivity

CASPER is a cloud-based platform powered by advanced emotion analytics that bridges the gap between mental wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Marrying applied Behavioural Science research with cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we are able to explore nuanced areas of daily working lives. We get to the root of any problem that flags up by gathering real-time insights. As a result, leaders know where to invest their resources to see the biggest impact on the quality of working lives.
Our vision is to inject meaning in everyday working lives
Benefits of using CASPER
Easily deployed
Setup takes only 5 minutes and can be done remotely. We can work with different devices (desktops, mobiles) and at any location
Fully anonymous
Responses are fully anonymous increasing chances to capture a more realistic picture
Quick to use
Employees receive 3 digital microdiaries a day within a 10 working days period. It takes no longer than 5 minutes a day to be involved in the process
Leaders receive an insightful dashboard and an action plan to improve the situation. Employees receive individual feedback and practical tips to help themselves
Challenges we can help with
We designed our Early Adopter Programme to team up with forward-thinking organisations from various industries and can help them with:
Improving productivity across teams
Introducing flexible working and remote working policies
Designing or revamping a modern workplace wellbeing strategy
Navigating periods of transition and change, including merges and acquisitions
Attracting and retaining younger talent
The CASPER team where very knowledgable, helpful, and friendly. They had a very positive interaction with our employees and enabled us to raise the subject of employee wellbeing with real credibility. CASPER is a worthwhile initiative for any organisation genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their employees
Stephen Curry
R&W Scott Commercial Director
CASPER is nurtured by the startup eco-system
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